Dr. Kristin Wingfield is a primary care sports medicine specialist, board certified through the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine and fellowship trained at Stanford University. She currently practices at UCSF in the department of Orthopaedic Surgery in San Francisco and Mill Valley, California. 

While she has had extensive experience treating elite athletes and performing artists, she also enjoys taking care of recreational athletes and active people of all ages. She diagnoses and treats all types of athletic injuries - acute and overuse - of all body parts, as well as  arthritis and medical conditions such as concussions and exercise-induced broncho-constriction. Dr Wingfield also has experience dealing with doping issues and testing, eating disorders, exercise prescription, and injury prevention. She treats all age groups, which includes many patients who are active well into their 70’s, as well as a large pediatric sports medicine practice.


Dr. Kristin Wingfield

UCSF Sports Medicine